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Our New Client Forms are just the basic information so that you can get your visit started right away!  Fill out your contact information, coverage, and needs then sign the necessary forms for your first visit.  

Completed your first visit?  Want to set up regular appointments?  We have just a couple more forms to help the therapy process flow more smoothly.


For those who would like their child evaluated or to speak to someone on a regular basis.


Your counselor may also call to request services for your child or teen on a one-time or ongoing basis for a variety of reasons. 

1. Complete the New Client Forms

2. Confirm them from your e-mail.


  • We will work with School Personnel to get your child / teen connected to services directly at school.

  • We will reach out by phone or e-mail regarding any helpful information from the first visit, including possible next steps.

How Can Telehealth Help?

Depression or General Sadness

Anxiety, Fears, Persistent Worries

Behavior Problems in Children

Parenting Support & Assistance

Marriage Counseling

Life Struggles, Loneliness

Trauma or Difficult Life Events

Divorce or Challenges with Co-Parenting

Faith-Based Counseling

LGBTQ+ Related Concerns

Grief or Loss

School or Work Related Stressors

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