Benefits to our Services                                                   

Happy Parents

When your child or teen is having a difficult time, whether with friends, family, or school stressors, it can be stressful to find the right provider.  Parents and guardians often have trouble leaving work to pick up their child, and it can be even more challenging to find an in-network provider.

Our telehealth counseling services significantly reduces these challenges by increasing access to high quality therapeutic care.

Improved Attendance

Your child can now receive care and on-site services to help with whatever difficulties he or she may be facing.  Not only will on-site services reduce time out of school, but there is the potential to improve overall participation in class.  With reduced stress, anxiety, depression, or other difficulties, your child can now focus on academics with increased confidence. 

Contact us to see how we can help your child!

How to Connect Students to Services?                                        

If our services ARE on your School Campus

Talk to your School Counselor if you are concerned about a Student.

Ensure Consent Forms are Signed

  1. Guardians can OPT-IN during Year to Year Registration, OR

  2. Guardians can complete our New Client Forms to Consent to Services

  3. Call our Referrals Team at 817-851-2042 to inform them that you have a Student awaiting services.  They will then confirm forms are on file to connect to a Therapist.

If our services NOT YET at your ISD

You can still refer a Student for Services:

1. Guardians must complete the New Client Forms

2. Students can utilize Telehealth from Home UNLESS:

  • A Teacher or Counselor is willing to verify that student's identity, and

  • Allow a secure location on school grounds to utilize a web-based device to speak with a Therapist

3. Talk to your School Administrator about how to bring your services to your District!​

You will need to:

  1. Confirm the Student's identity, &

  2. Confirm the Location of Services

and that's all!

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