About our Program

"Alliance Connect" is a program of Alliance Child & Family Solutions ("ACFS").  We are a social services agency based in North Texas that specializes in outpatient mental health counseling. Our motto is “comprehensive services, compassionate solutions,” which we define as our mission to service all ages at multiple locations with a variety of therapists, techniques, and skills.  It is for this reason we want to ensure that quality mental healthcare is accessible across ALL of Texas.


Our purpose as an agency is to provide life-changing services. We truly believe we are the best of the best in outpatient counseling because we care, we’re great at what we do, and we take care of our people, both employees and clients. It is these tenants and our core values of demonstrating integrity, being solution-focused, embodying compassion, exhibiting commitment, and working with accountability that set us apart from others. Our experienced therapists and robust services are able to service all ages and nearly all issues, especially revolving around trauma.


ACFS is a Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Texas.  Our 501(c)(3) application is currently in process with the IRS with an effective date of December 31, 2019.

How can Counseling help?

Depression or General Sadness

Anxiety, Fears, Persistent Worries

Behavior Problems

Alliance Connect

Telehealth Counseling for ALL Texans

a program of Alliance Child & Family Solutions

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